National Society of Black Engineers at the University of New Haven 

Upcoming Events

Spring 2020:

  1. 1. Computer Boot Camp

    1. February​ (5 week program)​​

  2. Team work 

    • Assignment of Teams​

    • Learning the importance of teamwork

  3. Girl Enrichment Program

    • Feminine Hygiene Development

      • Using Technology to solve and educate others on feminine hygiene issues​

    • Career Exploration

  4. Yoga Saturday  

  5. Lunch and Learn

  6. Final Presentation at the University of New Haven (April)  ​

Fall 2020:

  1. Project Program

    • Using Technology to solve society issues in villages


As of October 2019, National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) at the University of New Haven has been working with People Investing in People Foundation (PIIP). The partnership between University of New Haven, NSBE, and PIIP begun when Win Belu-John reached out to President of NSBE, Brittany Woodson. Brittany found interest in the foundation and quickly brought it to her members of NSBE and every since the students with her guidance and leadership have been working with People Investing in People Foundation to help change the lives and mindset of these students in Ghana and in their own communities.  

Why PIIP? 

I have been working with People Investing in People Foundation (PIIP) since September of 2019. I started working with this foundation as a senior mechanical engineering student studying at the University of New Haven and the president of National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) at the university. The collaboration started when PIIP came to one of our NSBE meetings and explained the foundation to us and the importance of the foundation as well as the need for us as college students. From the first minute of the presentation Win gave I was in love with this foundation and I wanted to be involved right away. One of the main reasons I wanted to collaborate NSBE with PIIP was the passion Win and Annette have and the connection we could make with the students, to know that I would be working with people who gave and give so much to the students in Ghana it made it an easy decision. Additionally, I believe life is all about learning and helping to teach others what you learned, I always say you are blessed to be a blessing; thus, this opportunity to help all these kids and change their lives just through education and exposure is something I could not pass up. I have always loved engineering, mentoring, and impacting those who are not as fortunate to have what I have so this foundation and program is a perfect opportunity for me to do all those things. Furthermore, once I met the students my heart melted because not only are they so smart but so grateful and open to just learn. This foundation fulfills me in ways I never thought were possible just knowing that I can impact lives of young girls’ and boys’ miles away because not only am I teaching them, but they are teaching me, and that mutual impact is something that leaves me speechless. Lastly, I am very grateful to be involved in this amazing foundation to help change the lives of these students through changing their mindsets letting them know they can do anything they put their mind to and also leading them to the path they need to achieve all their goals!

Brittany Woodson



Spring 2020:

  1. Feminine Hygiene Collection
    • Donations from Trinity and St. Phillips Cathedral; Newark, NJ
    • Donations from Brittany’s Family and Friends

      • Total Collection

        • Pads:

        • Underwear:  

  2. Laptop Collection

    • Plainfield Alumni; Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.

      • Total Collection​

        • Laptops: 2​



  • Community Outreach

    • Fundraising/Donations

  • Mentoring on Projects and Problem Solving

    • IT Skills

  • Girl Enrichment Program

    • Career Exploration

    • Feminine Hygiene

Goals for 2020:

NSBE in partnership with PIIP have set the following Goals and Projects to work on with the students in Ghana and students at the University of New Haven:

  • Increase Membership

    • Partnership with the University of New Haven​/Sponsorship

  • Computer/IT Boot Camp

  • Girl Enrichment Program

  • Feminine Hygiene Collection

  • Trip to Ghana

  • STEM Based Projects

Brittany Woodson,
President of NSBE and lead Global Ambassador
Meet the members

Members (Left to Right)

Standing: Chasity Docteur, Emmanuel Amoh, Tremaine Turner, Cire Harrison, Gladys Saruchera, Michelle Appiagyei

Sitting: Zeru Whittington,Brittany Woodson, Anta Fall

Not pictured: Alexander Lowe

Emmanuel Amoh,

Member of NSBE and lead of Computer/IT Program at University of New Haven

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