The Doctor's Club

Doctor’s Club is a club that inspires girls around the globe to  pursue a career in the medical field.

Why Join?

  • Career Exploration

  • Learn new topics in the medical field

  • Help others in your community

  • College Advancements

 Deandra and Kriti

Young Doctors Club

Young Doctor's Club is an organization that inspires girls around the globe to pursue a career in the medical field. The main ideas of this club are Career Exploration and Disease Prevention. With more girls becoming involved, we plan to increase these  two main ideas. Our intentions are to let more girls in junior high have more opportunities in the medical field. This club will give a hands-on experience of medical topics, such as learning what a doctor does, or taking blood pressure and using a stethoscope. The YDC will also help with life lessons, such as "Knowing Your Why". Occasionally,we'll have a medical professional arrive and teach a lesson. 

         Our main goals are:

  • Increase membership as much as possible

  • Get more funding to build STEM Medical schools for girls

  • Make sure girls get more knowledge about medical topics

  • To make sure girls collaborate and help each grow 

  • Students would leave the YDC, understanding topics and able to apply the knowledge

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