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Young people across continents working together

  • To become better problem solvers

  • To focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math topics that will transform our communities.

  • To embrace other  cultures,    celebrate our difference.

  • To help each other grow.


We seek to bring diverse communities together, facilitating the exchange of cultural challenges, well -being, workable ideas and lasting knowledge.

Higher Learning

We work with local schools and communities to strengthen our young people's capacity by providing them with tools they need to become the standout leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.


We promote and support the creation of sustainable innovations and efficiencies providing solutions to global problems and projects that deliver impact at scale.

2019-2020 Programs

Global Community Problem Solvers (GCPS)

Grades K-5

Activities are designed to help students continue to develop higher level thinking skills, problem solving techniques, creativity, research skills, and promote understanding of self, others and the world. Programs are tied to Next Generation Science Standards.


Global Community Leaders (GCL)

Grades 6-12

We inspire our young minds to to enhance their leadership skills, become better problem solvers; make connections to school taught topics in science, technology and mathematics; enabling them to overcome challenges they face in their communities.

Global Ambassadors (GAP)

High School Seniors and College Students

Working with Teachers and Professors to develop and lead Science and Engineering projects and workshops for young people across continents. 

Information Technology

Grades 9-12

Our young peple will work with their peers  to develop the skillls needed for todays IT and Business workforce.

ICT Boot Camp

JHS and SHS - Ghana & Sierra Leone


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